Overview of shower gels.

Shower gels overview.

Adidas Get Ready Nourishing Shower Gel with Brazil Nut Oil.

This invigorating shower gel with Brazil nut oil not only cleanses the skin, but also nourishes it perfectly.

The bottle is made in a positive, bright style and resembles a woman’s silhouette. Thanks to this shape, it is very easy to use and will definitely not slip out of your hands. The consistency is average, the consumption is quite economical, and in addition, the gel forms stunning foam clouds!

After use, the skin remains moisturized, soft, and it also perfectly tones and relieves fatigue. The scent can cheer you up even on the harshest day..

Looking for a gel with a bright scent that will remind you of the tropics and summer? Get ready shower gel is a real citrus explosion. The aroma is bright, pleasant, refreshing. Remains on the body for several more hours, but does not interrupt the scent of the perfume.

The gel perfectly relaxes after a hard day, and falling asleep under the scent of tropical fruits is a real pleasure..

Dove shower gel Embrace of tenderness “Shea butter and spicy vanilla”

Creamy gel with Shea butter and spicy vanilla aroma is a real find for relaxation lovers.

Shower gel is presented in the form of a cream It has a fairly dense consistency, which is why it is consumed very economically. The cream gel lathers perfectly when used with a washcloth. When applied to the body with hands, there is practically no foam.

The gel has moisturizing and nourishing properties. Perfect for those with dry, flaky skin. After taking a shower, you don’t even need to use any creams. the skin will be soft and hydrated.

It is worth noting the convenience of the bottle – thanks to the matte finish, it does not slip out of hands and can be easily used while taking a shower. The bottle is made in a stylish and laconic design, reminiscent of a drop of water.

Warm, warm notes of spicy vanilla will help you unwind after a busy day. The aroma is quite persistent and remains on the body for several hours, while not overpowering the aroma of the perfume. Perfect for the cold season to protect and restore delicate skin.

Defance shower gel with massage granules “Strawberry Jam”

Thanks to a unique complex of active ingredients, shower gel with massage granules perfectly protects the skin from external negative factors, and also restores its vitality..

The active component is an exotic polysaccharide, which increases the barrier functions of cells and neutralizes the effects of negative environmental factors.

The gel is very pleasant, not sticky, it spreads well over the body, both with a washcloth and with your hands. The consistency of the gel is quite liquid, the consumption of the product is not the most economical. After use, the skin is soft, soft and rejuvenated.

This is a real find for lovers of deep cleansing of the skin. The gel contains strawberry extract and special granules, which not only perform a massage function, but also renew the skin, acting as scrubbing particles. The gel forms a fairly large amount of foam.

The bottle of gel is very summer

, bright and attractive. It is comfortable to hold while showering despite its sleek packaging.

The aroma of the gel reminds of sunny days and strawberry jam. It is sweet enough, moderately cloying, very invigorating, perfect for taking a morning shower. The fragrance stays on the body for a short time, but moisturized and toned skin will be with you throughout the day.!

Shower gel Pure Line “Aqua-gel”

Moisturizing Source shower gel will provide smooth and delicate skin immediately after application.

The composition includes strawberry juice and lemon balm leaf phytoextract. Thanks to these ingredients, the gel provides long-term hydration of the skin, as well as saturates it with vitamins.

The gel has a classic packaging for Pure Line – the bottle is made in a nice and laconic design. Thanks to the matte finish, it is convenient to hold it with wet hands without fear of dropping.

The consistency of the product is quite liquid, it has a pink, transparent tint. It is consumed very economically. Forms a lot of lush and fragrant foam even from one drop of the product.

After use, the skin becomes soft and hydrated. In winter, the gel perfectly copes with dry skin, restoring and nourishing it.

Showering with this product turns into a real aromatherapy. The aroma of strawberries is incredibly juicy, summer and bright. There are also subtle notes of lemon balm in it.

If you are a lover of berry and natural aromas, this gel is created for you..

Shower gel Le Petit Marseillais “Vanilla”

In winter, the skin is often prone to dryness, so it needs increased nutrition and hydration. Le Petit Marseillais shower gel with vanilla scent not only perfectly copes with the function of cleansing, but also takes care of the skin, giving it incredible softness..

The rectangular bottle of gel is not only convenient to use, but also decorates the bathroom shelf. A beautiful, laconic bottle of a pale yellow shade looks very miniature, but the volume of the gel is 250 ml.

The consistency of the gel is quite thick and creamy. In contact with water, it foams very well and is consumed as economically as possible.

After use, the skin becomes velvety and soft to the touch, and the feeling of freshness and well-groomed remains throughout the day..

The aroma should be noted separately. Warm, warming vanilla perfect for use during the colder months. The aroma is very gentle, cozy, relaxing.

It not only envelops you while taking a shower, but also stays on the body for several hours, giving an amazing atmosphere of pleasure and pacification..

Bottom line: shower gels.

For myself, I noted two shower gels: this invigorating and fresh Adidas “Get ready!” and cozy, warming Le Petit Marseiliais.

If you like bright, berry-fruit aromas that cheer up and invigorate, then such gels as Defance, Pure Line and Adidas are perfect for you..

If taking a shower is a kind of relaxation for you, you want to relax and take a break from a busy day, gels from Le Petit Marseiliais and Dove will be ideal for you..

Love multifunctional products? Defance shower gel with massage granules will not only cleanse, but also renew the skin, making it soft and velvety.

Want to shower with a lot of foam clouds? Gels from Adidas, Pure Line and Defance will help you with this..

If you like gels that do not form too much foam, use Le Petit Marseiliais and Dove.

All five shower gels did a great job. They cleanse the skin well, moisturize it and give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness throughout the day..

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