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Closing the blog: announcement of the latest articles and goodbye.

Hi friends. In April, the Bearded blog turned six years old. This is a long time, during which it was definitely possible to understand whether to move on or not. I’m not going to torture you with tearful posts about depression and thankless work.

We have always tried to be as independent as possible, did not ask for donations and published new materials weekly, even on vacations and holidays. It took a lot of time and effort, did not bring any return and was completely exhausting. Who needed this frequency, for what?

Of course, one could slow down and write only when there is inspiration. But I have always been guided by the rule – do it well or not do it at all. And I don’t want to sound like an old rock star trying to maintain its former greatness, although everyone has long understood that her time is gone.

Back in February, I communicated my decision to the rest of the blog members, offering to transfer all rights and continue blogging for me. There were no volunteers, which is not surprising. We agreed to hold out until the next anniversary and end there. Text blogs are dying out.

It’s time to admit that social networks and youtube are much more popular and convenient for both authors and their subscribers..

This does not mean that the site will disappear instantly. The hosting has been paid for until the end of 2021 and, perhaps, I will renew it again. We have a lot of good articles that I am proud of and which are a pity to lose..

There are plans to publish a few more texts, but without any haste, as soon as they are ready. And that is all.

I sincerely thank our entire team: Timur Lukiyanchuk, Maxim Lazarev, Denis Rodinov, my wife Anastasia Zemlyanukhina and, of course, you, our readers.

Thank you for being with us!

Florentine nobility. Lorenzo il Magnifico game review and Renaissance House add-ons.

There are many publications in our blog related to the Italian author Simone Luciani. Timur Lukiyanchuk treats his games warmly and twice asked the famous game designer for an interview.

I am not so welcoming about Luciani and believe that as a developer he sticks to the current trends, releasing games that sell well, inspire delight at first meeting, but lose their charm when studied in detail. But he has a good flair for other people’s developments..

“Lorenzo the Magnificent” is exactly the case when the authors were Virginio Gigli and Flaminia Brasini, and Luciani only “polished” the game, obviously adding to it the elements that we already saw in “Marco Polo” and “Grand Hotel Austria”. Nevertheless, this is one of the few games with his name on the box, in which I have already played five games and do not mind playing more. I tell you why.

On the difficulties of creating a family tree. Interview with Micheal Hendricks, author of Legacy game. Duke de Crécy’s testament.

At the moment, Mikhil Hendrix has only featured in one game – “Legacy: Testament of the Duke de Crécy”, a review of which we published earlier, but after its release, it disappeared from the sight of board game lovers. On the one hand, this happens all the time, on the other hand, it became interesting where Mikhil disappeared. So we decided to contact him and find out what he is doing, whether he plans to release any new game, and just talk about his wonderful board, dedicated to the difficult task of creating his aristocratic family..

Mikhil quickly responded to our proposal, and we struck up the next conversation …

Empire on a piece of paper. Settlers game review. Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write

Polish game designer Ignacy Teshevichek has always been distinguished by a pragmatic approach to the development and publication of his games. There was a boom in board detectives, he developed the game “Detective”, when fashion switched to roll’n’write, released roll-n-right. And since he already had the popular Settlers series, he entered the new game into the same universe, combining them with common illustrations and remotely similar mechanics.

No matter how you feel about this approach, I propose to take a

closer look at “Settlers. Outline of an empire “, analyzing its pros and cons.

Isn’t all that grunts gold? Review of the game Troyes

The game “Troyes” is already quite a respectable age by table standards. After all, this year she will be 11 years old! However, she still remains a rumor that, perhaps, should be talking about something.

They remember it, they continue to play it – quite a sufficient reason to try it yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

So sit back and let’s go.

Success architects from New Zealand. Interview with game designers Shem Phillips and S.J. MacDonald.

The names of Shem Phillips and Sam (PJ) MacDonald can now be heard thanks to the success of the first two parts of the trilogy about the Western Kingdom – “Architects of the Western Kingdom” and “Paladins of the Western Kingdom”, which quickly slipped into the sacred for some Top 100 Boardgamegeek … And it is possible that relatively soon they will be followed by the final part of the trilogy “Viscounts of the Western Kingdom”. Anyone else, but this fact seemed to us a convincing reason to talk a little with both authors.

And so we did. As a result, the following conversation ensued..

We built here, we built … Game review Architects of the West Kingdom

The Bearded Blog has already published an opinion about the “Architects of the Western Kingdom.” Then the author was not delighted with the game, despite a number of its curious findings. I had a slightly different story with her..

In general, for some time and even most of the pre-order, I did not pay much attention to it. Yes, the game has a pretty design, and at that time it had already climbed quite high in the notorious rating of the Boardgamegeek website, which indicates an increasing interest from the world community. But the “weight” is less than a C? This is definitely not for me. However, in the end the price seemed too attractive, so I decided to give the game a chance. In addition, I wanted to dilute the collection with something simpler and faster.

And the result was the following.

Following the underwater cities. Otys game review.

When I once decided to take “Otys”, it was more of a purchase at random than a balanced and deliberate purchase. The nicely designed box and the Pearl Games badge hinged on it hinted that a curious game might be hiding under the lid. On the other hand, it was created by an unknown author, and there is no particular abundance of information on it in the network.

The score on the notorious Boardgamegeek site was set at a completely digestible 7, which according to their classification means “usually ready to play.” In general, the game did not arouse much interest among board lovers, but those who tried it were generally satisfied.

After some thought, I finally decided to take a chance and bought Otys. And now it is quite possible to write about it in more detail, because the purchase turned out to be quite successful.

Cards, money and six rounds. Game review Newton.

Simone Luciani has had a hand (and not so important in what capacity) a number of board games that have become successful and are conveniently located in the top 100 on Boardgamegeek. I will not list them again, I think the fans of the prolific Italian know all the names very well without me.

Today we will talk about a not so lucky creation. The board game “Newton”, dedicated to the difficult scientific work in the 17th century, was created together with the newcomer Nestore Manjone. However, despite the fact that the game was released in 2018, it failed to achieve the same success as other Italian creations.

Perhaps it’s time to try and find out all the circumstances yourself and find out how much such a result can be called deserved.

Great play is great swimming. Maracaibo game review

I think it is quite fair to call Alexander Pfister one of the prominent authors of board games today. Therefore, it is not surprising that after the announcement of his new development “Maracaibo”, fans of the European school froze in impatient anticipation and anticipation.

And, apparently, not in vain. After its release in 2019, the game began to move at high speed towards the top 100, you know which site, critics sprinkled it with powdered sugar and included it in the list of the best games of the year. Ordinary players were worried about other issues. Isn’t Maracaibo much like the Great Western Route?

How justified are all these praises? Does she offer something new and interesting?

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